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Why Use Eco?

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Appliance Recycling

ECO RUBBISH CLEARANCE is London’s green appliance recycling company. Through our use of furniture projects, charitable organisations and specialist recycling facilities, we’re able to ensure that no part of any appliance we collect, ever ends up in landfill. Helping you to help the environment

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Appliance Disposal Problem?

used-appliances-300x225We understand that disposing of an unwanted domestic or commercial appliance can be a huge burden. It’s heavy, it’s awkward, it’s hard to move, and it takes up loads of valuable space. And even if you can get it out of the property, you’re still stuck with the problem of how to dispose of it properly.

Luckily, there’s an easy answer.


Easy Appliance Recycling

Let ECO RUBBISH CLEARANCE take care of your appliance disposal needs in London.

We’re experts in responsible appliance disposal. We’ve got the know how and equipment necessary to safely remove your old appliance without you having to worry about damaging your back or your property. And best of all, if your appliance still works, we can rehome it.

We’ll remove your appliance from your home or business, load it onto our purpose built collection vehicle, and ensure that it gets rehomed or 100% recycled. All you have to do is show us where it is, and then watch your appliance disappear!

Whether it’s a washing machine, fridge freezer, cooker, dishwasher, tumble dryer or microwave, we’re the right team for the job. We operate in your area and we’ll be happy to help you easily recycle your appliance.  See what people say

We’ve been collecting and recycling appliances since 2007…..let us recycle yours too.

Use our quick and easy form below, or call us now on 0800 988 3061 to see how little an Eco friendly collection of your appliance could cost.


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