Why Use Us For Dishwasher Recycling In WC1

Why Use Eco?

atick  Dishwashers avoid landfill

atick  Rated 5 stars on Google

atick  Friendly uniformed staff

atick  Fully licensed & insured

atick  We can disconnect too

What We Do

atick  Dishwasher removal

atick  Dishwasher collection

atick  Dishwasher disposal

atick  Dishwasher recycling

atick  Dishwasher rehoming

We Recycle

ECO RUBBISH CLEARANCE is the green dishwasher recycling choice for WC1. Through our use of furniture projects, charitable organisations and specialist recycling facilities, we’re able to ensure that no part of any dishwasher we collect, ever ends up in landfill.

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Dishwasher Disposal Problem In WC1?

Has your dishwasher at home reached the end of the road?  Or, perhaps, to everyone’s horror, the office dishwasher has washed its last coffee cup. No matter what the reason is, a dishwasher can be a real challenge to dispose of on your own.

At ECO RUBBISH CLEARANCE, we’re experts in responsible dishwasher disposal. We’ve got the know how, and the equipment necessary to safely remove your old dishwasher without you having to worry about damage to your back or the property.

Easy Dishwasher Recycling In WC1

If you’ve ever tried moving a dishwasher, you’ll know it’s a difficult job. No need to worry though, as we operate in your area and are always happy to help! You won’t have to do any of the heavy lifting. We make it easy to recycle and dispose of your dishwasher in a way that’s environmentally friendly. Plus, if it’s still plumbed in, we can disconnect it, and if you have a new one to replace it, we can even install and connect that too!

Why Dishwasher Recycling Matters

Aside from the heavy lifting dangers associated with dishwasher disposal, improper disposal can also harm the environment. That’s where ECO RUBBISH CLEARANCE comes into play. Our professional team not only helps with your dishwasher disposal but also helps you contribute towards environmental protection.

All broken and faulty dishwashers we collect are taken to a specialist recycling facility, where they are dismantled, any hazardous components are removed, and any reusable parts are retained. Recycling saves metal, plastic, and glass from ending up in landfill, and alleviates the need for extracting or producing these materials again.

Recycling is a much better option than sending your dishwasher to the local tip. When you choose ECO RUBBISH CLEARANCE, you can feel good knowing that we’ll rehome or 100% recycle your dishwasher.

And the best part of all is, you won’t have to lift a finger. Dishwasher recycling is the responsible thing to do. Saving your dishwasher and protecting the environment is something you can be proud of throughout this process.

We’ve been recycling dishwashers since 2007…..let us save yours too.

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