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Mattress Recycling

Our Environment is Precious

Mattresses in landfillDid you know that in the UK alone, an incredible 8 million mattresses are disposed of every year?! The sad fact is that the majority of these mattresses are sent to landfill. With the average mattress taking up to 20 years to fully decompose in landfill, it’s certainly not difficult to imagine the significant impact this has on our environment. Would you really want your mattress to end up there too?

We Want to Make a Difference

Thankfully, there is a solution – and we are proud to be part of it. We pass on all mattresses that are unsuitable for rehoming to The Furniture Recycling Group (TFRG), one of the biggest dedicated mattress and soft furnishing recycling companies in the country.

Currently, TFRG are able to recycle an impressive 7,000 mattresses every week – that’s over 350,000 every year! In fact, over the last four years, TFRG have managed to save from landfill, the equivalent volume of 4,721 double decker buses – this would fill Big Ben’s tower over 114 times!

How They Recycle

old mattress pick upWorking to reduce the numbers of mattresses sent to landfill, the Furniture Recycling Group separates out individual mattress components. These are then distributed to industries that can benefit from these raw materials.

Whether it’s the steel used within the mattress springs, or the comfort fillings such as wool, cotton, polyurethane foam and polyester  – components are re-processed by all sorts of different manufacturers. From insulation for homes to materials used in cars, a recycled mattress can be used in so many ways!

Even mattress covers and other low grade materials including shoddy fibres, which are generally very difficult to recycle due to the varying levels of contamination, are processed and sent to energy from waste facilities to be used as refuse-derived fuel. This is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, thereby creating renewable green energy and heat.

Want to Make Difference?

You can! By choosing to recycle, 100% of your old mattress can avoid landfill, instead of becoming part of a rapidly growing problem.

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