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Printer Recycling

Eco Rubbish Clearance is London’s green printer collection and recycling company. Through our use of IT recycling specialists and ‘state of the art’ recycling facilities, we are able to ensure that no printers we collect end up in landfill.SpacerSpacer


Printer Disposal Problem in London?

If you’ve ever tried it, you’ll probably know that printer disposal is not an easy task. They can be very heavy and awkward to handle. And even if getting the printer out of the property is not an issue, your still left with the problem of how to dispose of it properly, as printers require specialist recycling.

Luckily, there’s an easy answer.


Easy Printer recycling

Printer Disposal - Printer Recycling - Printer Collection - Printer removal - London / worker collecting a printerLet Eco Rubbish Clearance take care of your printer disposal needs. We’ll collect your printer from anywhere on your premises, and take it to be 100% recycled.

Instead of dealing with that cumbersome printer yourself, leave it where it is and let our efficient team of professionals collect it.

We have the know how and experience needed to safely remove your printer from your premises, without you having to risk any heavy lifting dangers.

Whether it’s a small desktop, a large desktop or a freestanding printer, we are the team for the job. We operate in your area, and we’ll be happy to help you easily recycle your printer.

Simply get a quote. If you’re happy with it, you can book an easy collection. Our friendly two man team will arrive on time in a 2 hour window, quickly and carefully remove your printer from anywhere on your premises, then take it away to be 100% recycled. It’s that easy.

We’ve been recycling printers since 2007….let us recycle yours too.


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Environmentally Responsible Printer Disposal

After we’ve collected your printer it will be taken to a specialist IT recycling facility. There it will be recycled in accordance with the 2007 WEEE Directive. This means the printer will be dismantled, any storage or memory drives will be wiped then destroyed, all or any pollutants will be removed, it will then be stripped to base metals and plastics, and those materials will be recycled.


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