Duty of Care

Waste Duty of Care for Homes and Businesses

As a producer of waste, you have a duty of care to dispose of it lawfully, without harming the environment.

Duty of care for householders for their waste

Occupiers of domestic premises have a duty of care to ensure they only transfer their waste to persons that are authorised to handle it, namely council refuse collectors, licensed waste carriers, or charities registered as collectors*.

Duty of care for businesses for their trade waste

Businesses, organisations and individual tradespeople that produce waste have a duty of care to store, handle and dispose of it lawfully, without harming the environment.


What happens if you breach your duty of care?

Breach of the duty of care is a criminal offence which could lead to a fine of up to the statutory maximum (£5,000) on summary conviction, and an unlimited fine on conviction on indictment.

Helpful Advice

When hiring contractors to remove waste items from your property, ask them for their waste carriers number.

Ours is CBDU443138.

You can check with the Environment Agency whether a carrier has a valid licence at Authorised Waste Carriers or by calling 08708 506506. If a contractor is not registered, don’t use them. They might seem like nice people, and have prices that are low and very appealing, but the likelihood is that whatever they collect, will end up on the side of the road or in another ‘spur of the moment’ dumping spot.

Fly-tipping costs the UK over £100m annually – so make sure your tax is spent on something better, don’t use cowboys.

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