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Try our 5 star rated, Eco friendly mattress disposal and recycling service for London. We’ll collect your unwanted mattress from anywhere on your premises, then rehome or 100% recycle it!

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Mattress Disposal in 3 Easy Steps

Mattress Disposal in 3 Easy Steps


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Who We Are

Eco Rubbish Clearance is London’s green mattress collection and recycling company. Through our use of furniture projects, charitable organisations and specialist mattress recycling facilities, we are able to ensure that no mattresses we collect end up in landfill.



Mattress Collection & Recycling in London

mattress disposal london - removal - old mattress pick upIf you need to free yourself of an old or unwanted mattress, you probably know that mattress disposal can be a real pain.

They can be very difficult to deal with. Not only are they large, awkward and cumbersome to move, but they also can’t simply be thrown out with your general rubbish.

If you choose to deal with it on your own, most of the options for mattress disposal will require lots of valuable time and plenty of effort on your part.

The good news is, there’s a quick, easy and painless way to get rid of your old mattress.

Let ECO RUBBISH CLEARANCE take care of your mattress disposal problem for you. We’ll collect your mattress from anywhere on your premises, then rehome or 100% recycle it.

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How Our London Mattress Removal Service Works

Using ECO RUBBISH CLEARANCE for your mattress collection is simple.


1. Get a Quote

Simply call 0800 988 3061 or get a quote online – takes 30 seconds. If you like the quote, you can book a 2 hour collection slot for a time that suits you.


2. We’ll Collect

Our friendly,  uniformed staff will call you 15-30 minutes before your scheduled 2 hour arrival slot. On arrival, they’ll quickly remove your mattress.


3. We’ll Recycle

Once your mattress is loaded, it will be passed on to one of the many charitable organisations we work with, or it will be 100% recycled for raw materials.


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Sustainable Mattress Disposal Matters!

Mattresses in landfillYour local council or generic clearance company will send your mattress straight to landfill, regardless of it’s condition. That’s the worst possible outcome for your mattress.

If you’d prefer your mattress didn’t spend the next 20 years decomposing in a landfill site, let ECO RUBBISH CLEARANCE take care of your mattress disposal for you.

We’ll ensure your mattress gets rehomed if it’s in good enough condition, or 100% recycled if it’s not, leaving your environmental conscience totally clear.


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Why Should You Recycle Your Old Mattress?

old mattress pick upEven though it can sometimes be tricky, 100% of a typical mattress can be recovered through recycling at specialist facilities.

The foam, cotton, and metal springs inside the mattress, plus the cotton outer layer are all considered recyclable materials.

Similarly, memory foam, Tempur-Pedic, and latex foam mattresses are also recyclable.

Over 150,000 tonnes of mattresses end up in landfill every year in the UK. With the average mattress taking up to 20 years to fully decompose, it’s certainly not difficult to imagine the significant impact this has on our environment.

Recycling mattresses is a lot more beneficial as it reuses these materials in a sustainable way.

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What Should I Do Now?

Simply click the button below or call 0800 988 3061 for a free no obligation quote. If you’re happy with the quote, you can book a fast, hassle free collection for a time that suits you.

That’s it. No fuss. No hassle. Just click – swoosh – done! You’ll be surprised how little it can cost.


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I used Eco Rubbish Clearance to remove an old bed. I love that they recycle or re-home your furniture. The process was seamless from booking to collection. I would highly recommend this service.

A review by Samara – W4 Furniture disposal and appliance recycling - London - Our Google Reviews

Really responsive to quote request, cheaper (half the price in one instance) than the competition and the guys were on time and very polite while removing our sofa. Great service, would happily use them again.

A review by Wendy – SW11 Furniture disposal and appliance recycling - London - Google Reviewer


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