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Sofas Avoid Landfill

Eco Rubbish Clearance is London’s greenest sofa removal and recycling company.

Through our use of local furniture projects, charitable organisations and specialist recycling facilities, we are able to ensure that no sofas we collect end up in landfill.



Sofa Removal & Recycling For London

Having to get rid of a sofa or sofa bed can be a real pain – literally.

They’re heavy (especially sofa beds), awkward, hard to manoeuvre, and there are many heavy lifting injury risks to think about if you tackle the task on your own.

Not to mention the potential for damage to your property.

When you add to all that, the fast approaching deadline of the new sofa delivery, and the dreaded prospect of not having the old one out before the new one arrives, you can understand why sofa disposal can feel like a stress filled weight, pushing down on you.

But the good news is, there’s a quick, easy, ethical and painless way to free yourself of your unwanted sofa.

ECO RUBBISH CLEARANCE can take care of your sofa disposal for you, taking that weight off your shoulders.

We Are The Sofa Removal Experts

Being experts in responsible and sustainable sofa removal means we’ve got the know how, and the experience necessary to safely remove your unwanted or old sofa without you having to damage your back, your property, or the environment.

You can just relax without a care, and watch your sofa disappear.

Goodbye sofa – hello relief!

No matter where on your property your sofa is situated, we’re the right team for the job.

We operate in your area and we’ll be happy to help you recycle your old or unwanted sofa.

And best of all, if your sofa is still in good condition and ‘fire safe’, you can feel good about the fact that we’ll ensure that it gets rehomed.


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London Sofa Removal – How It Works

Using ECO RUBBISH CLEARANCE for your sofa removal is simple.


Get a Quote

Simply call 0800 988 3061 or get a quote online – takes 30 seconds. If you like the quote, you can book a 2 hour collection slot for a time that suits you.



We’ll Collect

Our friendly,  uniformed staff will call you 15-30 minutes before your scheduled 2 hour arrival slot. On arrival, they’ll quickly remove your sofa.



We’ll Recycle

Once loaded, your sofa will be passed on to one of the many charitable organisations we work with for rehoming, or it will be 100% recycled.


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Sustainable Sofa Disposal Matters!

Your local council or typical clearance company will send your sofa straight to landfill, regardless of the condition of it.

That’s the worst possible outcome for your sofa.

If you’d rather not let your sofa add to the rapidly growing UK landfill problem, let ECO RUBBISH CLEARANCE take care of your sofa disposal for you.

We’ll make sure your sofa gets rehomed if it’s ‘fire safe’, fit for purpose and in good enough condition.

And if it’s not, then it will be 100% recycled.


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What are the benefits of recycling Your Sofa?

When you simply let your sofa go to landfill, there’s an immediate environmental impact.

Most sofa frames are made of treated wood, and the harmful chemicals used in the treatment process could contaminate soil and water in the areas surrounding it.

It could also be made of other materials that simply don’t break down naturally and will therefore sit in landfill for years.

When you recycle a sofa that is made of materials like untreated wood, metal, foam, or fabric, you’re ensuring that your sofa gets turned into something new.

The recycling process not only keeps sofas out of the landfill, but it also reduces the strain on the environment caused by the creation of new materials. (For example, mining of new metals, creating new fabric, processing fresh timber, and more.)

One of the best ways to ensure that your sofa is properly disposed of is to let ECO RUBBISH CLEARANCE collect your old sofa.

Not only will we take care of all the heavy lifting for you, but we’ll also make sure your sofa gets rehomed or recycled correctly.

Our service is the easy way for you to go green!


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What Should I Do Now?

Simply click the button below or call 0800 988 3061 for a free no obligation quote.

If you’re happy with the quote, you can book a fast, hassle free collection of your sofa.

That’s it.

No fuss. No hassle. Just click – swoosh – done!

Try it now. You’ll be amazed how easy it is.


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